Yoga and weight loss

Yoga has ceased to be exotic and has become a part of everyday life. Thanks to this system of exercises, breathing, and thinking, it is possible to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body. It is yoga that Hollywood stars owe their energy and toned figure. You can even arrange your own yoga challenge using the tips of the article.

Yoga for beginners how to start doing yoga

If you have decided to follow the example of Hollywood celebrities, then commendable.

In the early stages of yoga for beginners:

  1. Decide on the type. Yoga for beginners is different: Hatha, kundalini yoga, fly, etc.
  2. Find an online class or lesson. Yoga for beginners is available as free videos on Youtube. This is a great solution for those who want to practice at home.
  3. Choose comfortable clothes for exercising. Yoga classes require clothing made from natural fabrics. Loose T-shirts, Aladdins, and leggings made of breathable material.
  4. Choose a time and location. If fly yoga requires special equipment (hanging hammocks), then the rest of yoga can be practiced at home. Buy a special mat, and go. As for time, yoga poses are done on an empty stomach. So do your yoga challenge right after waking up or 3-4 hours after eating.
  5. Air the yoga room before class. You can burn your favorite aroma stick.

Yoga Tips for Beginners

Yoga trainers advise beginners:

Work out with a trainer for the first time. 

He will show you yoga poses, and tell you the technique of proper breathing. Be sure to warn the coach about injuries and diseases that affect the flexibility and mobility of the body.

Listen to your body. 

Yoga should bring relaxation and peace, not body pain and nervousness. If some asana does not work out or something hurts, do not be silent, tell the trainer. It will ease your condition.

Turn off your head. 

Yoga for beginners scares with the complexity of asanas. But the most difficult thing is to turn off your head during meditation and relax. Listen only to your body.

Types of yoga and which is better

Doing yoga begins with the choice of technique. Trainers have more than 50 types of this bodily and spiritual practice. Each style has its own peculiarity, and characteristic elements, formed on the basis of:

  • physical;
  • spiritual;
  • the mental principles of the founders.

To choose which yoga for beginners is right for you, take a look at a brief overview of the techniques.

Hatha yoga is the basic technique. Its varieties are royal yoga, Iyengar, yoga for pregnant women, and for those who are over 60. New techniques appear every year. Therefore, even the most sophisticated athletes can choose something new for themselves.

Hot yoga, Bikram yoga

Hot yoga appeared a long time ago, but in 2010 it received a second wave of popularity. Yoga trainers suggest practicing in a sauna with an air temperature of 40 degrees. This unusual approach promises:

  • high joint mobility;
  • accelerated removal of toxins and slags;
  • protection against injuries and sprains;
  • fast weight loss. In a warm room during physical activity, metabolism accelerates several times.

But there are contraindications for such yoga. It is better to refuse asanas in the sauna for people with hypertension, varicose veins, and other diseases of the blood vessels. Yes, and hot yoga is not suitable for a morning workout. After such activity, on the contrary, I want to relax and sleep.

Fly (anti-gravity) yoga

Such complex, done in hammocks, will be mastered even by a beginner yogi. This yoga is called “fly” due to the fact that all asanas are performed in special textile hammocks suspended from the ceiling.

The advantage of such activity is a more delicate effect on the joints and spine. Under the influence of gravity, traction is smoother, and difficult asanas can be performed without pain.

Acroyoga, couple yoga

Asanas are performed in a couple. Sometimes they are more like acrobatic studies with lifts, stretch marks, etc.

AcroYoga consists of standard activities:

  • warm-ups;
  • the activity itself. Men play the role of support. Such yoga will help them to increase their self-confidence and fighting spirit. Women have to trust and feel a partner;
  • relaxation.

Kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga is a spiritual practice by which practitioners activate the kundalini energy. It is represented in the form of two snakes wrapped around the spine. Indeed, in Sanskrit, “kundalin” is translated as a coiled snake, a sleeping snake.

Yoga postures such as the lotus, bow, and child poses activate the lower chakra and fire energy.

The combination of meditation and special yoga postures in kundalini opens up a strong intuition. After practicing kundalini yoga, a person has a desire to draw, write, grow flowers, sew clothes, oratorical talent awakens and self-esteem rises.

Sahaja Yoga

The religious movement of yoga. Its founder, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, claims that with the help of meditation it is really possible to unleash the potential given from birth. Chanting mantras, and increasing internal vibrations strengthen the human nervous system, it is easier for him to resist stress, and metabolism and digestion are improved.

Mantra yoga

Spiritual practice. In asanas, applying various mudras, a person sings mantras. Breathing, static posture, and disconnection from external stimuli are the key points of this yoga.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga as a substitute for sleeping pills. An activity where you don’t have to sweat. This is what they say about Nidra yoga. This breathing practice in static poses will help remove the effects of a stressful day, improve sleep, and get rid of anxiety.

Guru yoga

Classic yoga, but with a personal approach. The teacher (guru) interacts with the student, gives instructions, and tests the strength of the spirit and body. Such yoga prescribes complete dissolution in the teacher and his reverence. Due to differences in the mentality of Europeans and Indians, this practice is rarely used in the CIS.

Raja yoga

Royal or Ishwar Yoga, Maharaja Yoga. This is the oldest school, consisting of 6 principles (truth, self-control, non-violence and theft, a pure lifestyle) and classical yoga postures. Maharaja yoga is considered one of the most ancient techniques. Suitable for those who thoroughly want to understand the Vedic culture and India.

Yoga for weight loss

Do you dream of starting a healthy lifestyle and getting a beautiful body with the help of yoga for weight loss? This is real. But don’t trust quick weight loss. Yogis with experience say that you can lose weight in half a year of regular classes 3 times a week for 60 minutes.

While doing yoga for weight loss:

  • Intestinal peristalsis is restored. Water leaves faster, and abdominal volumes are lost;
  • the lymph flow improves. The banal exercise “baby pose” and various lunges restore lymph circulation in the pelvic organs. This also reduces weight;
  • Practicing is calming. Various yoga asanas for weight loss, and uniform breathing removes neurosis. And this is the main reason for overeating.

If you want to lose 5 kg in 2 weeks, then it is better to go on a diet. But if your goal is to get a beautiful, flexible, toned body, then sign up for yoga for weight loss.

Yoga for depression and anxiety

Nidra yoga can overcome the effects of stress and neurosis faster and safer than sedatives.

Everyone (adult and child) can engage in such meditation. With the help of asanas and deep breathing, a person plunges into a borderline state that precedes sleep. To do this, with the help of rotation (alternate concentration of attention on different parts of the body), he relaxes and relieves muscle spasms.

Deep meditation removes anxiety, and stress, and increases efficiency. The benefits of such activity lasting 5-20 minutes are comparable to 3 hours of sleep.

The most effective yoga poses

“Down-facing dog” and “Up-facing dog”. 

Legs shoulder-width apart. Let’s lean forward. Hands touching the floor, we turn the shoulder blades to the sides, making the back straight and even, lowering the head down. With “dog face-up”, forming a triangle, raises its head up. Such yoga for the back improves digestion, removes stoops, and treats scoliosis.


Support on 2 points. Bend your back as you inhale, and arch your back as you exhale. Such yoga for the back relieves spasms, restores neck mobility, and tones the nervous system.


Lie on your stomach. Place your hands shoulder-width apart at chest level. Without lifting your pelvis and legs, lift your upper body, resting your palms on the floor. Yoga asana for the back is indicated for those who have problems with the thyroid gland, limited neck mobility, and mental work.