Training program and exercises for weight loss

Training program and exercises for weight loss

By conducting fat-burning workouts, you can improve your physical fitness and well-being in a balanced way. The main thing is to correctly draw up a plan and include a full set of exercises in it.

Advantages and disadvantages of training for weight loss

Regular activity improves well-being and sleeps quality. Calorie burning workouts have a number of pros and cons:


  1. The ability to lose weight and lose about 2-3 kg per month
  2. Increasing the amount of energy due to the breakdown of body fat
  3. Increased endurance, development of the cardiovascular system, and strengthening of breathing


  1. The need to correctly draw up a plan to work out not only problem areas but also all muscle groups
  2. If you train for weight loss too often and do not give the body time to recover, chronic fatigue may develop.
  3. Not suitable for muscle gain

Rules and tips for drawing up a lesson plan

Training for weight loss in the gym or at home should be effective and meet the goals and objectives of the person. To do this, when drawing up a lesson plan, the following is taken into account:

  • current physical form: 

the lower the level of training, the softer the load should be in the early stages;

  • the presence of chronic diseases:

 problems with the heart, blood vessels, and joints – contraindications for many areas of physical activity;

  • goals: 

to lose weight or gain weight, you need different principles of training, the presence of weights, and the number of repetitions.

Drawing up a workout plan for weight loss can be divided into these 4 stages:

  1. Assessment of physical fitness and health status.
  2. Setting goals and objectives.
  3. Drawing up a schedule of classes.
  4. The choice of exercises, weight, and a number of approaches.

Sample training plan in the gym

The training program will include cardio and strength exercises. It is better for beginner girls and guys to choose complex training programs for weight loss in the gym. In them, each training is worked out all the main muscle groups. Exercises are performed 10-15 times in 3 sets. The weight of the projectile is chosen so that the last few repetitions are given with effort.

An example of a fat-burning workout in the gym:

  • Warm-up.

 It includes the study of the main muscles and joints, their warming up, and preparation for work.

  • Vertical block pull. 

Sit down and fix your legs, grab the crossbar and pull it up.

  • Reduction of legs in the simulator. 

Take a starting position on the simulator and bring your legs together with effort.

  • Hyperextension. 

Lie on the bench with your stomach and fix your legs. From this position, rise and fall smoothly. This is a basic exercise, it can be included in all workouts.

  • Raising the legs on a horizontal bench.

 Lie down, and grab the bench with your hands for stability. Raise and lower straight legs.

  • Lateral twists on a horizontal bench. 

Bend your legs, hands behind your head. From this position, alternately reach the opposite knee with the elbow.

  • Track running. 

Perform within 15 minutes.

Sample homework plan

Home workouts for weight loss will also include full-body exercises. They can be performed with your own weight or with weights. This complex is done in 3 approaches, suitable for men and women.

  • Warm-up. 

Perform head rotations, arm swings, pelvis rotations, knee rotations, and foot rotations.

  • Swimmer. 

Lie on your stomach, alternately raise your arm and the opposite leg.

  • Half squat with leg swing. 

Squat down, lowering the hips to the level of the knees, and swing one leg forward on the rise. Do it on each side.

  • Pulling the knee to the stomach. 

In a standing position, take a step back, then pull your leg to your chest.

  • Plank spider. 

Lean on your toes and palms, and alternately pull your knees along the body. If the workout for weight loss includes this exercise, then the strengthening of the muscles of the press, legs, and back will soon become noticeable.

  • Raising the pelvis in a table pose. 

Get on all fours face up, leaning on the foot and palms. Bend the other leg and fix the ankle on the opposite knee. From this position, gently raise and lower the pelvis.

  • Running in place or jumping rope. 

Run 15 minutes.

A weight loss workout plan must include these types of activities. They will help burn extra calories, saturate the body with oxygen and improve blood circulation.

Basic principles of nutrition for weight loss

The question of what to eat after a workout for weight loss is relevant for everyone who wants to get in shape as quickly as possible. Simple tips for adjusting the menu:

  • eat protein food after training;
  • exclude fried, flour, and sweet;
  • consume healthy fats;
  • do not starve and do not overeat.