Proper nutrition for weight loss

Basic Healthy Eating Tips

A tasty, bright, nutritious, varied menu is an example of an ideal menu. Today we will analyze the basic principles of proper nutrition for weight loss and health. A few points should be taken into account: you need to chew a piece of food for 20 seconds, so saturation with a palm-sized portion will come twice as fast. The habit of eating quickly by swallowing food is the number 3 reason after genetics and daily routine due to which excess weight is quickly gained. Proper nutrition for a month normalizes blood biochemical parameters and cholesterol levels. If you’ve decided to take care of your health and eat healthily, then you need not go hungry, eat varied (“no” to mono diets), eat fatty fish and fatty cottage cheese, and consider eating as an adventure, not a food punishment.

A healthy diet can be the most diverse in content and components, but should always follow the principles:

  1. A portion the size of a person’s palm.
  2. “No” to fried, “yes” to baked, boiled, stewed.
  3. Vegetables and fruits – 30% in the diet.
  4. Salt is only 4 grams.
  5. The daily norm for unsaturated fats is 100 g. The source is sea fish, avocados, seeds, and cheese.
  6. Be careful with spices. Red pepper and paprika whet the appetite and are easy to overeat.

Regime of eating

Healthy eating is not starvation. A person on healthy eating eats 5 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks). The interval between meals should be 3 hours. With such a schedule, nutrients will have time to be absorbed and there will be no wild feeling of hunger.

Reminders on the phone will help to correctly distribute the time of snacks. Help out a hint from nutritionists:

7.00 – breakfast;

10.00 – snack;

13.00 – lunch;

16.00 – snack;

19.00 – dinner.

Everyone can adjust the regime to suit their work schedule and preferences, respecting the 3-hour interval.

Proper sleep

With chronic sleep deprivation, a person eats 40% more calories. It’s all about the hormone leptin, which is responsible for the feeling of satiety. With lack of sleep, the substance is synthesized in deficiency, and the person gains weight from the water. And no proper diet for weight loss will help if you do not establish a regimen.

In order to get enough sleep and not overeat, the body must fall asleep by 23.00. And to sleep soundly, try to make the last snack 2 hours before bedtime.

Drinking regime

Proper nutrition for weight loss menu for every day includes not only diet foods but also water. Weight loss will become real, and health will be restored if you drink 30 ml of water per 1 kg of weight. In order not to forget about drinking, supporters of a healthy lifestyle are advised to install a special app that will remind you of water. 

Example of a healthy drinking regime:

8:00 – two glasses of water

11:00 – one glass of water

13:00 – two glasses of water

16:00 – two glasses of water

20:00 – one glass of water

All about calories

Eating healthy and losing weight should create a calorie surplus. The number of calories that come from the menu for the whole day with food should be less than the number of calories that a person consumes.

The norm of calories for women is 2000, for men – 2400. Proper nutrition for weight loss reduces the norm by 20%. That is, women need to consume 1600 calories, men – 1920 calories.

Healthy diet

The diet for eating healthy is not continuous restrictions. The weight loss menu includes:

  • fish and seafood;
  • poultry;
  • vegetables that do not contain starch;
  • unpolished cereals (except rice, and semolina);
  • herbs and spices;
  • dried fruits, nuts, and seeds;
  • fruits in any form;
  • dairy products (except cream and condensed milk).

As you can see, with healthy eating you can eat tasty and healthy at the same time.

What foods should you give up forever?

Healthy eating requires to exclude from the diet:

  • sausages, pates. Why? Lots of fat, emulsions, and conserving agents;
  • marinades, pickles due to the property of salt to retain water in the body and increase pressure;
  • total rejection of sugar in the form of confectionery, sauces, and pastries.

Proper nutrition for weight loss menu for the day and healthy diets include foods with the so-called negative calorie content or substances that activate fat metabolism. The favorites of nutritionists are:

  • fruits – pineapple, grapefruit, blueberries;
  • vegetables – broccoli, asparagus, celery, cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage;
  • green tea.

A healthy menu with these components activates metabolism, improves digestion, and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Healthy food for every day

A variety of vegetarian, dietary, and oriental dishes will help make proper nutrition tasty and varied. To make you feel full faster, nutritionists advise:

  • eat warm food;
  • divide the menu into 4 receptions at equal intervals;
  • don’t skip breakfast;
  • chew slowly. In a healthy person, saturation will come very quickly if each piece is chewed for 20 seconds.

Menu for the week

Proper nutrition for 7 days looks something like this:

  • Breakfast: 

oatmeal, granola with fresh fruits or dried fruits, cottage cheese casserole, boiled egg + cottage cheese.

  • The first snack:

baked apples, whole-grain toast, and avocado.

  • Lunch: 

vegetable soup + chicken stew, fish soup + grilled vegetables with fish, chicken meatballs + salad with cabbage and green peas, boiled meat + beetroot salad with prunes and nuts.

  • Second snack: 

a glass of kefir or unsweetened yogurt + 2 loaves of bread, a banana + an apple.

  • Dinner: 

warm salad with veal, chicken breast with carrots and green peas, stewed cabbage with green peas, baked cauliflower, and Greek salad.